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Stanley W. Fields

STANLEY W. FIELDS is a Rainmaker with over thirty-nine years of experience identifying market opportunities and seizing upon them to create shareholder value. He has assembled and connected a vast network of thought leaders in many sectors of the global economy. Early in his entrepreneurial journey he was mentored by Jack Trout (one of the foremost marketing leaders in the latter part of the 20th century who coined the marketing principle of “Positioning”), acquiring knowledge he has applied with great success to his many business endeavors.


MOST RECENTLY Stanley has been working with a number of clients in the Fintech, Real Estate, Digital Media, Licensing-Syndication, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology sectors more broadly. In past years Stanley was seeing well over 1,000 deals annually.

IN 2012 STANLEY FOUNDED a viral video news gathering organization which eventually became Global One News Network (G1). Under Stanley’s vision this global news brand defined and perfected a process for gathering, composing and distributing news reports in three formats (anchored video, text and audio) at a substantial cost savings over legacy global wire services. He raised over $11 million in capital, all from angel investors. Upon Stanley’s departure from the company in August 2018, his legacy and vision had created over 60,000 video news reports generating 50 billion impressions, resulting in billions of video views on Facebook and Youtube with a monthly reach in excess of 489 million unique persons and 2.1 billion monthly impressions; G1’s fan base was approximately 3.7 million people.

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS of Stanley’s substantial entrepreneurial past include the creation of an award-winning nationally-syndicated radio program he also produced and hosted. He co-founded the Cultural Creative Network, a multi-million-dollar radio advertising agency specializing in major market news/talk and network personality endorsements. In 2000 Stanley founded the Pulse Information Network (PIN) in collaboration with a group of investors, launching in the Los Angeles drive-time under a joint venture with CBS/Infinity Radio. As an early investor in GridPoint, Inc. (a smart grid energy appliance and software company, backed by Goldman Sachs, New Enterprise Associates, Perella Weinberg Partners, and Quercus Trust) he successfully exited the investment with a substantial return. Recognizing the potential of the coming digital media revolution, Stanley founded the environmentally focused Net Green News in 2009, an online broadcast news pilot that proved a substantial reduction (90%) in costs over legacy news organizations while maintaining quality standard benchmarks for broadcast news.

STANLEY'S PHILANTHROPIC ACTIVITIES have included his dear friend Dr. Jane Goodall and terms on the Corporate Board of the Environmental Media Association (founded by Norman Lear and Alan Horn – Warner Bros Chairman) as well as a stint on the Board of Global Village Beijing (China’s largest grass roots environmental organization) and. He also serves as counselor and senior advisor to a number of prominent individuals throughout the world.  


A NATIVE OF OREGON, Stanley spent his formative years in Manila and Singapore; continual international adventures over the years have given him an unparalleled ease of operating in diverse geopolitical business cultures and situations.



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